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Our services work to benefit your overall health and wellness. The cutting-edge technology at Innovation Wellness targets damaged areas in the body and triggers a response to renew those areas.


After a few sessions, the body may experience measurable changes that can help to relieve pain and inflammation. One three-minute session could have an incredible and immediate effect on your body.

Floatation Therapy

The relaxation response triggered by floating refers to a state where sympathetic nervous system activity is reduced. Calming your body into this state allows your body to benefit and prevent health problems.

Photobiomodulation (PBMT)

PBMT-  Photobiomodulation, or low-level light therapy, is an application of red light and near infrared light over the whole body. This light stimulates new cell growth needed for benefiting pain in injuries and lesions without sensation or side effects.

NormaTech Compression Therapy

The compression sleeves refresh the muscle tissue and help to reduce tightness and soreness resulting in less downtime. NormaTec is great for all types of athletes as well as anyone who has muscles aches and pains.

PBMT low level light therapy
NormaTec Compression Therapy

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