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Betty tells us how Cryotherapy and the Red Light Bed Therapy has helped her get back to enjoying her gardening…

Listen to what Kim says about suffering with chronic pain and how Innovation Wellness therapies have helped her…

“My daughter McKenna, a senior at EHS, had 2-3 migraines per month for more than a year.  She had immediate relief with Low Level Light Therapy and Whole-Body Cryotherapy at Innovation Wellness Spa twice each week resulting in more than 2 months between migraines.  She is now able to fully function at school and extra-curricular activities without fear of frequent incapacitating headaches.”

Sheila Towell

Listen to how Connie's hip pain was helped at Innovation Wellness Health Spa...

“My husband and I both like the results from the compression!! Thanks for bringing it to Early!!!”


Hear Julie tell us how her chronic pain was helped by services at Innovation Wellness...

“For years I have lived with pain in my back and hips. I’ve tried chiropractic care and tons of aspirin with really no relief. Now I was hesitant about cryotherapy and the light bed when I first heard about it. Then my wife bought me a membership. At first, I was just doing the cryotherapy which helped a little. I did feel good but not completely pain free. Then my wife and the ladies at Innovation Wellness got me to start doing the NovoTHOR light bed. Just after the first week I could see improvements in my pain level and attitude. The more I’ve done the combination of the light bed and cryotherapy chamber, the more it has helped me. Now I have more energy, it doesn’t hurt when I bend down to pick something up off the ground, and when I get up in the morning I can move without pain. It’s the first time since I can remember when, that I’m not in pain all the time.”

Ryan Mask

“Wow!! Love this place!! I enjoyed every service offered!! My favorite was the flotation therapy! I have never felt so relaxed in my whole life! So grateful to have this here in our area.”


“Awesome experience!! Great facility and very knowledgeable staff. I’d recommend everyone go and check out what they have to offer. This is an amazing service right here in our own town.”


“Staff is super friendly, the treatments are great too! Facility is neat and tidy.”


“Wonderful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff!! Finally some relief from my headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain!”


“The flotation therapy was amazing! So relaxing. Facility is amazing! Friendly staff! I will definitely being going back!!”


“This is a great place with friendly people and some really neat technology to help you feel better. Very relaxing, come treat yourself”


“I had a wonderful experience at Innovation Wellness. Our community has needed a facility like this for so long. Keep up the great work!”


How Cryotherapy Helped Robby…

We love hearing the positive feedback from our valued clients. Check out what one of our members had to say.

“My name is Robby English. I am 72 years old. I live on a ranch in Brown County. I own an office supply business. As a result of hauling 50lb bales of hay and 40lb cases of copy paper for 30+ yrs. I’ve got back pain issues and knee issues. I’ve beat cancer but driving sales routes twice week 200 miles each route and have for over 30 yrs. has produced pain throughout my body. I have 2 complete tears in my rotator cuff. I’m a candidate for knee replacement. Scott King and his dad Bill King have been friends of ours for a long time. I trust them and appreciate the knowledge they have in their respective fields of work.

Pain has been my buddy for a very long time. I have a month under my belt at Innovation Wellness. I use the Low Light Therapy machine followed by the Cryo machine. After day 1 I became a believer. My pain is no longer an issue in my everyday activities. I’ve been in a gym the past 20 yrs. and my workouts have more intensity now. I can walk without limping noticeably. I’m not cured from age-related illnesses; but I feel remarkably better. I’m also sleeping a lot better because I’m not bothered by uncomfortable pain issues. My challenge would be for anyone experiencing any kind of pain issues to invest in a 1month trial period. Commit to a once a day therapy session for those 30 days and see for yourself.

As a Christian, we are taught to live out our testimonies. I’ve seen Bill and Scott King continue to minister to the Brownwood and Early communities displaying their concern for the welfare of others 1st and foremost.”

Good luck to you!

Robby English