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Wellness Services That Help You Repair, Recover and Rejuvenate Naturally.

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Innovation Wellness
Health Spa

Wellness Services That Helps You Repair, Recover and Rejuvenate Naturally.

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You too can experience a feeling of well being, strength and focus.

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Improving Health and Well Being

At Innovation Wellness, we focus on your whole being, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. Our modern technology triggers responses from the body to allow itself to naturally repair, recover and rejuvenate. We strive to help you be the best you. Learn more about us and meet our team.

more energy, less pain, reduced inflammation with cryo


 Whole-Body Cryotherapy stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities.  WBC uses Extreme Cold to induce responses on Three Levels:  the Circulatory System, the Energy Meridians and the Nervous System.  There is no other therapy known to elicit such a powerful, positive and holistic response.

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Flotation Therapy

A big goal of float therapy in a float pod is to produce the relaxation response. The relaxation response refers to a state where sympathetic nervous system activity is reduced. Calming your body into this state is important for preventing and benefiting health problems.

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rapid recover arms, legs, hips with NormaTech

NormaTec Compression Therapy

The low-stress solution for quick, comprehensive leg, hip, and shoulder recovery. Whether you’re an athlete or you just have aches and muscle pain, NormaTec is right for you. The compression sleeves refresh the muscle tissue and help to reduce tightness and soreness resulting in less downtime.

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low level light therapy offers many benefits

Photobiomodulation (PBMT)

PBMT, also known as low-level light therapy, is an application of red light and near infrared light over the whole body to stimulate healing and relieve pain in injuries and lesions without sensation or side effects.

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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic and Specialized Massage with your choice of service.

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Learn How Athletes Benefit From Our Services

Recovering after a hard workout or practice is very important. Everyone recovers differently and some recover slower than others. At Innovation Wellness, you have the opportunity to recover and bounce back quicker than ever. Before and after a workout, the technology we offer allows you as an athlete to recover and repair any damage you might have at a quicker rate in order to be the best you can be.

Floating with Stephen Curry and Harrison Barnes – “Hang Time” on SportsCenter.

Cleveland Cavaliers offer Cryotherapy as recovery option to players.


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Here’s a list of some of the topics you might be interested in.


Reduce Stress

Floating triggers what is known as the relaxation response – your personal ability to make your body release chemicals and brain signals that make your muscles and organs slow down and increases blood flow to the brain. The relaxation response is a relief of stress found when someone achieves deep relaxing.


Improve Sleep

Floating allows the body to relax and feel like it has gotten a lot of sleep. Sleep is typically reduced when a person has significant stress. Sleep is a necessary part of healing – as the body does much of its repair work while we sleep.


Detox Your Body

Cryotherapy is a wonderful way to detox your body. When the blood rushes to the vital organs, it is being cleansed and the toxins are being removed.



Relieve Pain

Cryotherapy triggers a fight-or-flight response which results in the body releasing an increased amount of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.


Repair & Recovery

PBMT helps to improve conditions that require stimulation of healing and relief of pain and inflammation. PBMT also aids the body in recovering to restore its normal level of function.


Wound Healing

NovoTHOR PBMT benefits wounds by creating new cells to replace the damaged cells, resulting in faster recovery to wounds and other damaged areas.



Feel Renewed

Floating is relaxing and it leaves you feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated in a way that nothing else does. While floating, you will feel weightless and free.


Improve Circulation

After a session of Cryotherapy is over and you begin to warm up, the blood rushes back to the extremities, thus increasing your circulation and bringing both oxygen and vital nutrients to all parts of the body.


Improve Sports Performance

All services at Innovation Wellness provide wonderful benefits to athletes. Whether you need to relax before a big game or recover from a tough workout, we can help you achieve your goals.