Massage Services

Massage Therapy
Benefits Of Massage

Alleviates Pain
Enhances Immunity
Promotes Tissue Regeneration
Releases Endorphins
Reduces Spasms and Cramping
Increases Energy
Enhances Sleep Quality
Improves Circulation




Massage Therapy
Massage Services

Relaxation: Also known as Swedish massage, our relaxation massage targets superficial layers of muscle and tissue with light pressure to bring relaxation to both mind and body.

Deep Tissue: Deep Tissue massage relieves chronic pain by applying intense pressure, focusing on the deeper layers of muscle and tissue to release tension.

Trigger Point: Trigger point massage works specific knots and muscle contractions to reduce localized pain and inflammation. 

Lymphatic: Lymphatic drainage massage encourages the 
movement of lymph throughout the body using very light pressure to reduce painful swelling.

Prenatal: Prenatal massage alleviates common discomforts brought on by pregnancy, such as stress, swelling, muscle pain, and poor circulation.

Hot Stones: Hot stones can be incorporated into the massage to maximize stress reduction and pain relief benefits.

Gliding Cupping Therapy: Cupping uses a gentle vacuum to promote healing by increasing circulation, flushing out toxins, and reducing tension and inflammation.

Massage Therapy
Therapist Availability

Thursday:  10 am – 5 pm

Friday: 10 am – 5 pm



30 Minutes
60 Minutes
90 Minutes

Next day energy with red light , staff amazing and understanding , and massage was very relaxing like an oasis!
Kelli L.
The girls were wonderful on my massage and first facial ever.
Sherry D.
I got a lymphatic massage and there is a remarkable difference in my swelling. A day later and I can still see my ankle and my kneecap that was so swollen prior to the massage!
Deborah D.
Innovation Wellness

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