NormaTec Compression Therapy

What is NormaTec Compression Massage?

NormaTec is used for rapid recovery in the arms, legs and hips. NormaTec uses compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid and speed recovery. NormaTec may also be used to aid areas of the body with poor circulation. It is also used to reduce inflammation caused from an injury or post-surgery. NormaTec also helps to force out lactic acid in the muscles, allowing fresh blood to recirculate in the muscles. You can also use NormaTec to simply enjoy the massage.

How Does NormaTec Work?

A NormaTec session begins with a pre-inflate cycle, during which the connected attachments are molded to your exact body shape. Then the attachments begin to compress your feet, hands or upper quad (depending on what is being massaged). This compressed air technique is similar to the kneading and stroking done during a massage.

Athletes using NormaTec

Endurance athletes, crossfit athletes, even college and pro teams use NormaTec compression massage for next-level recovery. NormaTec has been used to keep athletes in peak condition throughout the entire season. Whether recovering from an injury, or making sure the next performance is 100%, a compression massage by NormaTec is a highly-recommended power tool.

I have been dealing with neuropathy for the past 14 years. I have been to numerous doctors from primary care, to chiropractors, to podiatrists, and there was no relief in sight as I refuse to get dependent of pharmaceutical pain medications or nerve pain medications. I heard about Innovation Wellness and decided to give them a try. Honestly, at first I thought there is no way these new aged technology based therapy sessions that Innovation offered were really going to do a bit of good. I tried the compression boots first and instantly my pain was less almost bearable. I then decided to try the "red bed" low level light therapy. I didn't have instant results but the next morning I got out of bed at almost a running pace I made my way down the hall, then stopped dead in my tracks and started to cry. I had no pain what so ever in my legs and feet for the first time in 14 years and this was just the first LLLT session I had done. I had the tingling sensation start to return about four days later so I did the red light bed again. I now do the LLLT therapy about two to three times a week. Not only am I pain free, my skin has never looked better my dark spots are fading, my wrinkles and lines in my face are diminishing, and I have a new found energy. All I can say is if you are ever in the Early, TX area or not far from it, swing on over to Innovation Wellness, take a tour and try some of their therapy sessions out, your body will appreciate it!
Kammi L.
The young lady working the front desk was super friendly and professional. I had compression and Vitamin D lights. Exactly what I needed.
Sam G.
Personnel was awesome. Explained everything very well. I did the sauna and the compressions on my legs. I could tell a difference almost right away. I will be back and will try the infrared bed!
JoAnn R.
I received good customer service, employees were knowledgeable, and the (compression) therapy gave me some relief from the pain I have been experiencing.
Verna B.
So glad I can get the treatment I need, when I need it and stay local.
Mariann T.
All the modalities offered have been so beneficial in providing health benefits to my body-all over, inside & out! Especially when dealing with body aches/pains, even injuries, the recovery is much faster when coming in for red light, cryotherapy, & compression! And massages! Also, the staff are great to work with~ so kind & helpful!
Melissa E.
Essential service for athletes, great customer service, easy to book appointments and availability, helps my athlete a lot and is not expensive. A lot of bang for the buck!
Sydney P.
Compression is helping to reduce swelling in a knee replacement. The cryotherapy and light therapy relieve my swelling and soreness better than anything I've done before. Based on the results I've experienced after knee replacement, I would recommend these services to anyone experiencing joint pain or swelling.
Travis D.
My legs felt so much better after the compression therapy.
Marisha S.
Kara was extremely helpful in assisting me and educating me on the different modalities we were using. After the leg and hip compressions, I experienced zero pain or pressure points in my hips after going to bed last night. That was amazing. Thank you.
Cindy B.
The treatments at Innovation Wellness have helped me tremendously with my chronic fatigue, reducing inflammation, and improving my sleep! I think we are very lucky to have this resource in our community, so I encourage everyone to take advantage of it!
Madeleine G.
Innovation Wellness is awesome and the staff is professional and friendly. I have had back pain for 30 years and have not been able to get any relief. I have been coming in once a week for 3 months and use Infrared Light Therapy Bed, Compression Therapy, Vitamin D Bed, and Cryotherapy, and have been pain-free for the first time in 30 years. 
Russell L.
I had total knee replacement the end of February 2022. I started the NovoThor infrared therapy and compression therapy a week later.  It has made a huge difference in my recovery time.  I have had very little pain and minimal swelling. The most noticeable advantage is the appearance of the incision.  It has healed with minimal scarring.  My doctor was impressed with how quickly it has healed and my progress to this point (April 2022).
Travis D.
If you are tired of pain and being stressed out, Innovation Wellness has outstanding treatment, and excellent assistance from the friendly employees. We have been going for several years and feel that this treatment has added to a more pain free and comfortable life. We both absolutely love the Infrared Light, and the compression therapy really helps Larry’s swelling in his feet to go down. I’m not sure we could go without it.
Innovation Wellness
Donna & Larry S.
I have been going to Innovation Wellness Health Spa for about 4 years, and I still cannot go without it. This therapy has helped me to succeed in the National Senior Men’s Tennis tournaments, and it keeps me going day-to-day. I appreciate the employees interest in improving and maintaining my health.
Innovation Wellness
Lyndon B.
My husband and I both like the results from the compression! Thanks for bringing it to Early!
Innovation Wellness
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